New Year, New You: How to Reach Your New Year Resolution Goals

The New Year is filled with possibilities – and goals! New Year resolutions are a great way to stay motivated and focused on achieving success in whatever area of life you desire. It’s easy to initially be motivated and excited to start with your resolutions, but with all the New Year hustle and bustle, it can also be easy to forget about your resolution goals along the way. Although there are many different types of resolutions, for the sake of this blog post, and because we are chiropractors, we are going to focus on health. No matter the category, most resolutions fail by February. So here are some tips to help you reach your New Year Resolution goals and create a New You.

1. Do it for YOU, not for anyone else.

Most goals and New Year’s resolutions fail from the start, because people tend to make goals towards what other people value. When you find yourself saying you “should” do this, or “should” do that, it means you are subordinating to someone else’s beliefs. If you think you “should” lose weight, then it’s because you believe that other people think you should lose weight. If you truly want to lose weight, then you will make it happen. Or at least you will make a more conscious effort. So create your resolutions true to you, and you will have a better chance at achieving it.

2. It must be something that you enjoy doing.

You will be more likely to succeed if you enjoy the process of reaching your New Year’s Resolution goals. If you want to become healthier, try setting goals that you actually like. For example, if running bores you and doesn’t excite you in any way, then don’t make it your New Year’s resolution. Find something that excites you and makes you feel good to do, like dancing, swimming, or biking. The New Year is your chance to try something new and find something you love. If you don’t like running, then it will feel like hard work and it will be difficult to find the energy to run. Find something that will excite you, help you reach your goal, and start there.

3. Have a purpose as to why you’d make it your New Year’s resolution.

It is important to have a clear purpose in mind when you set New Year resolutions. Why do you want to reach this goal? What will it bring to your life? Do you want to make a difference in someone else’s life or yours? It is important to be clear on why you are setting New Year’s resolutions and to have a clear purpose behind it. Your purpose is what’s going to keep you motivated. It will remind you as to why you started in the first place. No matter the adversity, your purpose will push you forward and closer to your goals.

The New Year is a great time to set New Year resolutions and create a New You. It’s the perfect opportunity to get motivated and reach those goals that you may have been dreaming of for years. However, it can be easy to forget about your New Year’s resolution goals along the way. Follow these simple tips and stay focused on creating a New You. Good luck! We are here to support you on your journey to success in 2023!