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“I just cannot rate Megan and Tyler highly enough! I discovered Megan when I attended her Neuro Developmental seminar and gained invaluable insight on not only the primary subject matter, but the general and preventative health benefits of Chiropractic care. I was suffering with horrendous eczema at the time and had tried numerous prescriptions, otc supplements, elimination diet, to no avail; I was miserable..So honestly I thought, why not! I’ve tried everything else…

My goodness me, I seriously wish I found Megan sooner!!! Not only has my eczema completely disappeared (and was mostly gone after just 3 adjustments) my restless legs and sleep have dramatically improved also. Megan is thorough, attentive, gentle; and quite frankly, a genius at her craft. I cannot say enough good things about Axiom, place your care in their hands and it will change your life!”

Lindsay Sinopoli
Google Review