Dr. Tyler: My Fight For Holistic Healing In A Dysfunctional Medical System

I was raised just like most individuals, in the medical model of health/healthcare. Illness was a routine thing, and every symptom came with a medication to “fix” it. I never questioned it. I simply thought sickness was a normal thing and everyone had to deal with it. That is, until I went to chiropractic school.

I attended school with the goals and aspirations of helping people feel better and recover from injuries. That’s all I knew about chiropractic because that’s all I had used it for in the past. But because I was a student, I started to get checked and adjusted more regularly, at least once per week. After some time passed, I noticed something odd. I hadn’t been sick in about a year, something that was very uncommon for me. I really didn’t change much in my life except for one thing, receiving regular chiropractic care.

Of course, I was learning about the Nervous System and its major role in the health of the human body, and how chiropractic’s only goal is to eliminate any obstruction to its normal function. But I was skeptical, as are most patients at first, because I had never experienced more than just pain relief. However, once I made this realization, my outlook on health and life totally shifted.

I started to become more observant to the people around me, specifically my family, as they still subscribed to the mainstream medical model. As I noticed my health change, theirs did not. They still took medications for every symptom they had, while I had totally stopped taking everything. The difference I noticed was that their symptoms typically returned while mine did not.

So, I quickly realized that the medical model is backwards. They focus on symptoms and disease, and how they can get rid of them rather than focusing on health and taking the proper steps to increase it. If you only take a pill to reduce the symptom, but never change the behavior or action that caused it, it can never be corrected.

Therefore, I vowed to change the way people view their health and/or healthcare by starting with the source of it all, the Nervous System, and by educating them on this opposing philosophy.

Chiropractic is nothing new, but its story is infrequently told properly. Therefore, people don’t have the best access to it. Maybe some chiropractors are afraid of the backlash that comes with opposition. Or maybe they just want the patient to like them, so they agree with everything they say and only give them what they want. However, it’s far too common that we hear, “Why has no one ever told me that?” when we explain the key principles of chiropractic. It’s simply because the medical system has a different philosophy, and they have major influence over our nation. Also, unfortunately, it’s hard for people to grasp ANY new concept, especially when it comes to health.

My mission is to help people understand the power of the human body when it comes to health and healing. That there is a force, or intelligence, in each and every one of us that is capable of healing every disease, provided that it has a freely functioning Nervous System. I want to take the power away from medications and give it back to the patient in front of me. I also aim to educate on the importance of being checked regularly from a preventative standpoint. By keeping the Nervous System clear of interference, our bodies will perform best. You don’t need to have a problem or symptom to be unhealthy, so it’s ideal to be checked regularly to maintain health and prevent illness and injury.

Now don’t get me wrong, medicine isn’t all bad. It’s essential in certain scenarios and conditions, such as emergencies. However, the medical system and Big Pharma is a major corporation, profiting off the poor health of Americans. The United States healthcare spending is more than twice the average of other wealthy countries, yet our outcomes continue to get worse. This is evident in the fact that our children are having major health issues more than ever.  In fact, more than 40% of school-aged children and adolescents have at least one chronic health condition, such as asthma, obesity, other physical conditions, and behavior/learning problems.

You very rarely hear your medical doctor recommend changing your lifestyle, and even more rare that they recommend seeing a chiropractor. Sure, they may make comments, such as “eat a healthier diet” or “start exercising.” But how often do they provide the right steps or even a direction to look in? And then how often do they check in with you to make sure you’re being consistent? I get it, they’re busy. And honestly, it’s not their fault. They practice what they have been taught in medical school by Big Pharma. But you’re going to put 100% of your health in the hands of your medical doctor? In reality, the only person responsible for your health is you. 

Big pharma needs to be stopped, and the best place to start is with you, the individual. You need to take responsibility for your own health. Think for yourself and make decisions that are congruent with the outcomes you are looking to achieve. Then you can help make those decisions for your family, then friends, and then community. But you can never help anyone else if you cannot take care of yourself first. If we can focus on health and making healthy choices, rather than waiting until we feel bad or have an illness/disease, the health of our families and community will change drastically.

So, I am writing this for YOU. For you to understand that there is a better option available to you. It’ll take time and effort on your end, but I promise it’ll be worth it. As I’ve stated before, you don’t have to have symptoms or illness to get started under Gonstead Chiropractic care. It’s just as important to start as a preventative measure. Whether you’re an athlete looking to perform better and prevent injuries, a blue collar worker with aches and pains, a business professional dealing with stress, a pregnant mother looking to have the best pregnancy ever, or even her newborn baby, Gonstead chiropractic is for you. Address the root cause of your complaint or get checked before it becomes a complaint. If you correct any impediment to the Nervous System, I guarantee you will see improvements in your health, and you will prevent future problems from occurring.