Animal Chiropractic

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What is

Animal Chiropractic?

A non-surgical, drug free treatment that involves manually adjusting the spinal vertebrae of an animal in order to correct any biomechanical dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system.

Pain and Chiropractic

Benefits of Regular Canine and Equine Chiropractic Care

  • Increased joint mobility
  • Improved digestion
  • Helps with urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Less stiffness
  • Better post-surgery recovery
  • Improved posture
  • Less overall sensitivity
  • Improved jumping
  • Improved gait
  • Less ear or eye Infections
  • Improved back pain
  • Better overall performance

Who do we see?

  • New litters and puppies
  • Wellness checkups for feline, canine, and equine population
  • Feline population
  • Performance dogs
  • Performance horses
  • Rescued animals


The foundation of your wellness

Chiropractors are wellness experts and can advise you on many components of a pet’s wellness lifestyle. As part of your animal’s wellness lifestyle, it is important for them to be checked regularly by your animal chiropractor for the presence of vertebral subluxations. Subluxations occur when a vertebral motion segment misaligns and causes nerve pressure. Your chiropractor is an expert in the detection and correction of subluxations, removing nervous system interference, and allowing your pet’s body to express its full healing potential.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How often will my animal need an adjustment?

The frequency of treatment will vary from case to case. There are conditions that are required once a week and others that are once every 4-8 weeks.

Remember, chiropractic adjustments are retraining the nervous system and musculoskeletal system to support the spine and maintain a new optimal position. All of the ligaments, muscles, and tendons must change over time with adjustments as well. This takes time and repetition!

Should the adjustment make a ‘popping’ sound?

No, generally animal chiropractic adjustments will not make a cavitation (popping) sound.

Animal chiropractic adjustments should look uneventful and gentle. If there is an absence of a pop or crack during your animal’s adjustment, please understand this is NORMAL.

We do not force joints to make noise and the spinal anatomy is not built to cavitate. The more noise you hear is not indicative of a better adjustment, in fact, If a forceful adjustment is delivered it could be potentially damaging to your pet’s joints.

What happens at an animal chiropractic adjustment?

The initial appointment will consist of an exam that includes:

  • Musculoskeletal exam
  • Gait analysis
  • Static and motion palpation of the spine and extremities
  • Discussion of pet’s health history
  • Review of previous x-rays
  • Establish goals of treatment

After determining which areas we need to focus on, we deliver a chiropractic adjustment manually to specific joints while using a specific angle to correct the vertebral subluxations.

Where do we serve animal clients?

You have the option to request a home visit for your pet or schedule an appointment at Star Dog Daycare and Training Facility. We see animals at this location every other Thursday of the month from 4-6pm (must have an appointment and signed Veterinary vet forms to schedule)

How much does an animal chiropractic adjustment cost?

Canine and Feline Adjustment – $75.00/visit

Equine Adjustment- $150.00/visit

Litter of puppies – *included in mother’s adjustment*

***Please understand that a travel fee may apply depending on the distance traveled – we discuss this fee on initial consultation calls***